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This book by William Myers is published by Thames & Hudson and BNN. It presents contemporary art from around the world that uses biology as subject or medium.


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Overview: BioArt profiles contemporary art that demonstrates how advances in the life sciences and their application as biotechnology have a dislocating effect on culture. Specifically, these advances alter our notions of the self, environment, and the definition of life. Popular understanding strains to catch up with these changes while artists are detecting and vigorously responding to them, creating new images, sculpture, living material installations, video, and performance. In this way the work of bioartists echoes that of the Surrealists of the early 20th century who reacted to the new terrain of the unconscious and widespread anxiety in the aftermath of industrialized war.


BioArt closely examines the work of sixty different artists, collectives, and organizations from around the world. Interviews with eight leading artists and designers provide deeper insight into the intentions and methods of this new breed of creative practitioners.


Contributing writers: Mariam Aldhahi, Suzanne Anker, Julia Buntaine, Wythe Marschall

Hardcover: 256 Pages

10 x 8.5 x 1 inches

300 Color Images



Sample Images from the book

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